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Your data is safe with us! Statfetch takes data privacy very seriously

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  • Server location

    Our professional  servers (Located in Lille, France) are hosted by Statfetch and are also in management of Statfetch.

  • SSL-encryption

    2048bit SSL-encryption for a secure HTTPS connection and secured payments. This site is not vulnerable to the Heartbleed attack.

  • Legal Notice

    We strictly follow the public laws to protect your data and information at any point.

  • No disclosure

    We do not have access to your data at any time. Your information will NEVER be passed on to third parties.

  • Encrypted settings

    Passwords and settings are stored encrypted in our database.

  • Software-updates

    Regular updates will be made for improvements and additions to the Statfetch dashboard.

  • Early warning systemen

    We use special early warning systems to monitor our servers en systems to prevent fraudulent attempts.

  • Local team

    The development and maintenance of the Statfetch dashboard and Statfech app are fully implemented by the Statfetch team located in Netherlands. There are no third parties involved.

  • Termination of account

    Your statistics are stored for 30 days after your account has expired. When 30 days have passed your entire account will be deleted. When you choose to delete your account your entire account and all your statistics will be deleted.