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Pro account
$240,- $199.95 year

We will NOT switch you into the Pro Account automatically
once your risk free 14-day trial has expired.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens when my 14 day risk free trial has ended?
    When your 14 day trial period has ended, you need to renew your account. Your statistics are stored, but are not visible at that time. When 30 days after expiration has passed your entire account will be deleted. To enable full access again, you need to upgrade your current account. We will NOT automatically upgrade your account to a paid version when the trial period has expired.
  • How can i upgrade my account after the 14 day trial?
    Login to your personal dashboard and select "Payments" and click "Prolong account". Then select the desired extension period of your account.
  • What do i get?
    » All of your online earnings in a clear overview
    » Quickly compare & analyze all of your (affiliate) websites
    » One login for all of your websites, webshops & affiliate networks
    » Detailed statistics by website and network
    » With the Statfetch app you always have insights on the go
    » Realtime (10 min) updates of your online earnings
    » Multiple currencies
    » Push notifications on your mobile device