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What is Statfetch?
Statfetch collects all of your online earnings in one clear dashboard. Never login on dozens of websites and apps again. Now you have direct and real-time insight in all of your online income. A must have for every online affiliate marketer, online marketer and ad publisher!
Why should every Affiliate, online marketer or ad publisher use Statfetch?
» All of your online earnings in a clear overview
» Quickly compare & analyze all of your (affiliate) websites
» One login for all of your websites, webshops & affiliate networks
» Detailed statistics by website and network
» With the Statfetch app you always have insights on the go
» Realtime (10 min) updates of your online earnings
» 14-day risk free! trial
What happens when my 14 day risk free trial has ended?
When your 14 day trial period has ended, you need to renew your account. Your statistics are stored, but are not visible at that time. When 30 days after expiration has passed your entire account will be deleted. To enable full access again, you need to upgrade your current account. We will NOT automatically upgrade your account to a paid version when the trial period has expired.
How can i upgrade my account after the 14 day trial?
Login to your personal dashboard and select "Payments" and click "Prolong account". Then select the desired extension period of your account.
How can i delete my account?
Login to your personal dashboard and select "Account Settings." Then click "Delete Account"
How much does a Pro account costs?
A Pro account costs $19.95 per month or $240,- $199.95 per year
Is my data safe?
Yes, we strictly follow the public laws to protect your data and information at any point. Furthermore your data is protected by the following secutiry measures:

» Enycrpyted database
» No data access for third parties
» All data will be deleted completely when you delete your account
» Early warning systems
» Software updates on a regular base

Detailed information can be found in our privacy policy
What's the data policy of Statfetch?
Click here for detailed information
How long will my statistics be stored?
Your statistics are stored for 30 days after your account has expired. When 30 days have passed your entire account will be deleted.
When you delete your account your entire account and all your statistics will be deleted.
Which affiliate networks are supported?
Currently these networks are supported: Daisycon, Clickbank, Tradedoubler, JVZoo, Google Adsense, Commission Junction, Affilinet, Zanox, Tradetracker, PayPro, Criteo, LinkShare, PayPal, Doubleclick, Amazon, Avantlink, Affiliate Window, Share a Sale
How do i add a website to my Statfetch dashboard?
Login to your personal dashboard and select "Websites" Here is an explanation of how to add a new website to your personal dashboard.
How do i add a network to my Statfetch dashboard?
Login to your personal dashboard and select "Networks" Here is an explanation of how to add a new network to your personal dashboard.
Can i add multiple websites to the same network?
Yes, you can add more websites to the same network, and analyze them individually or collectively.
Is there an app available?
Of course! With the handy Statfetch app you always and everywhere have insight into your online income.

The app can be found in the Appstore & Google play
How do I sign up for Push notifications?
The app will register your mobile device automatically for notifications. Grant Statfetch permission on your mobile device to receive push notifications. Not receiving push notifications? Perform the following steps:

1. See if the app is up-to-date.
2. Make sure that you have given the app permission for push notifications (general phone settings)
3. If none of the above worked please contact Statfetch Support.

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